Monday, June 29, 2009

Jones Family Reunion

Well we are finally back to our home in Hawaii after being gone an entire month! Here's what we've been up to:

Jones Family Reunion: May 27-June 1
Due to my parents leaving on a mission, a family reunion was clearly in order. Anjuli had a great time playing with all her cousins, but especially Evie who is just 6 weeks older than her.

During our family reunion we had a picnic at the park and had a family hike in the gorge.

The kids favorite part was the drinking fountain...

Being 5 months pregnant at the time I found the hike a little more strenuous than I would usually... so Zui played double duty and actually took both the kids on the way back. What a super dad!

At the top of the falls. Zion and Anjuli were both afraid of the loud noise the waterfall made.

My mom and dad just before leaving on their mission to the Dominican Republic. It's hard to believe we won't see them for 18 months!