Saturday, January 26, 2013

Papa & Grandma come to visit!

We had such a fun time with mom and dad here to play with the kids.  We did so many fun things together, but mostly the kids just loved the attention they got from their grandparents :)

Lots of tickle time, of course!

Papa putting the kids to bed, what a treat!

Five icecream sundaes and the whole family is happy!

 Ko'olina, the kids favorite beach.

Birthday party for Papa! 
Mom and dad watched the kids for a night so we could have a getaway :)  While we were gone they surprised us by working on the garden!

What trip is complete without Chuck e Cheese?

Zeya is such a snuggle-bug
The kids loved dance-time with Grandma at the piano.
We got a babysitter for the day and headed out to Lanikai beach with mom and dad.  So fun to go on a double date!

Sporting my 4 month pregnant body

At the Pali lookout
game night!

The kids loved making popcorn with Papa.  He makes the best popcorn, too!
Thank you Mom and Dad for coming!  Such a blast, and we so appreciate the love you give to our kids!