Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September pics

One of the best days of my life!  Zui and I woke up to crying babies, and Anjuli and Zion came into our room and said, "Go back to bed!  We have a surprise for you!"  I told them I had to take care of the babies, and they told me they had already fed Ezekiel and were getting Ezra a bottle.  I was stunned!  About a half hour later they came upstairs with breakfast in bed!!  Scrambled eggs, oatmeal and bananas.  I felt so grateful for this moment.  They were sincerely thoughtful completely on their own!

Zion brought me breakfast again a couple days after, this time it was toast, eggs and carrots!

I asked Jazzy where she got those big rocks from and she said "I dunno, I think they came from heaven!"

Zion scored a soccer goal!  Icecream for all!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zeya's 6th birthday!

 We had Izaiah's 6th birthday party at the pool, rec center 2.  It was my easiest party to throw.  A friend picked up the pizzas and made the cake, all we had to do was make the pinata, which we threw some candy in a gift bag and stapled it shut.  (*note, it made for a pretty short pinata!  Next time we will double bag it!)  I loved not having to decorate or do games.  Just swim, eat, presents, pinata!

 Happy 6th birthday, Zeya!  We sure love you lots and lots!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Anjuli's school award! And then some..

 So proud of my Anjuli, she was awarded the "Ha'aheo" award, which means "pride" in Hawaiian.  The Ha'aheo award is given to those who are excelling in all areas academically.  Two students from each class receive this award every quarter, and Anjuli was the first one to get it!

Zeya built, with Daddy's help, the Portland temple!

I thought this was so funny.  Ezekiel is trying to find a place to eat his snack without Ezra grabbing at it.  He finally succeeded!

You know when your kids say, "mom, take a picture of me!"  This is one of those :)

Jazzy and Zigs are quite the team.  Here Jazzy convinced Ezekiel to tie himself to the oven door.

I don't make cinnamon rolls often, but when I do the whole family has to make their own.  Happy to pass on a family tradition.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ezra at 9 months

Ezra is growing up way too fast!  Slow down, Ezzie, you might be the last!

Monday, September 14, 2015

August happenings 2

We had a great time at the beach with some old friends of mine: Scott and Andrea Taylor

This is the poor gecko I pulled out of Ezra's mouth...  yuk!

Jazzy and Zigs, chefs in waiting.  While I was upstairs they lovingly cracked 35 eggs.  Most went into a pot, which I managed to salvage later.  A couple went on the floor, which was a fun mess to clean up, ha!  When I came down the stairs Zigs had 4 more eggs to crack which he hurried and cracked them all before I could get to them.  I found them slip n sliding in the egg white mess--what fun!!

Ward Labor day party

Fun beach time with Gordon and Lyn in town.

Hats and helmets are always being worn in this house!