Monday, August 31, 2009

Bathtub Soldier

Anjuli thinks it is so fun to put this bucket on her head. She does it every night at bathtime now :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Zui!

Today was Zui's birthday! We celebrated with his favorite breakfast: homemade waffles with sauteed apples and cinnamon and whipped cream.
That night we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

Zui wanted me to sing to him -off key-- like he did for my birthday last year...I just couldn't do it.

I love Zui's facial expressions :) For his birthday his whole family pitched in to buy him a new surfboard! Here's the picture I drew (check out his burly arms) -- he gets to go pick one out that he likes soon.
Happy Birthday my love! Zui has been the best part of my whole life. He is so patient and understanding and always in a good mood. I'm so glad I married him!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Carrots Kids and more...

This is Anjuli and Zion's new favorite thing to do: open up the fridge (thanks to Anjuli) and find the Costco size bag of carrots. They help themselves and then walk around eating them all day.

It wouldn't be so bad if Zion didn't regurgitate his onto the carpet every so often...
at least it's a healthy snack!
We went to Alligator Rock on the North Shore a few days back. While there we ran (swam) into 2 of my piano students! They live right across from this beach, lucky them! Daddy made Zion a big swimming pool--unfortunately it only caught the yucky floaties... but Zion didn't care :)

Beneficial provided a nice dinner for all their agents. We were so excited to get free drinks! I thought my Pina Colada looked awesome!

Zion loves loves LOVES to climb. He is always playing the piano with his if I could just get him to use his fingers...
Here he is doing one of his favorite disastrous tasks: taking out all the kleenex's. It's either that or the baby wipes...
Anjuli wanted me to take a picture of her. I'm glad she likes to smile for the camera now.We took the kids and Noelle to the indoor playground at Windward Mall. They had a great time.
Anjuli loves pretending Noelle is her sister :)

They were entertained in this "city bus" for about a half hour. They just kept taking turns to drive. I'm so glad they don't care that it takes money and moves... the longer I can keep that a secret, the better!
Well last time I put up a pic of Zion in the dollhouse he'd only made it to the second floor. Now my little climbing buddy has made it to the third. I heard it creaking pretty loudly though...I'm pretty sure it's not meant for 18 month olds.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost videos

Zui recently recovered these videos from his computer. They are from about 2 months ago...

Anjuli looked so cute watering the plants in her diaper with her innocent until...

This is from our Europe trip. Here we are trying to reinact the grand balls that were held in the King of France's hall of mirrors at Versailles palace in France. And I think Zui did a great job waltzing! (if you read earlier you would know Zui did this post earlier before I edited it...)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The temple, a dance party, and cute buns

The kids and I went to the temple grounds while Zui had an appointment in Laie. They loved walking all around, although it was hard to keep Zion out of the "swimming pool."
He kept trying to cross these flowers to get to the water :)
My friend Lindsey watched our kids for a few hours. When we came to pick them up they were having quite the dance party--all dressed up in these skirts she made. They were loving it! No, this is not a ballerina skirt--it's a manly grass skirt:)
Here's the video to prove it.

Check out those cute buns :) Actually I wanted to catch his tan line. The kids have been going to the pool with Daddy a few times a week. They are getting dark!