Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chris & Brittany's Visit

My brother Chris and his wife came to visit us for a week. We had a great time, it was so much fun staying up late, eating icecream and talking story.

Zui took them on a hike up Stairway to Heaven.

It's a hike right on the ridge that goes straight up to a WW2 communications tower.

Beautiful views
We took a trip up to the temple.

Then headed to Hukilau beach to meet up with Chris and Brit.

They had fun boogie boarding while the kids played on the sand.

Baby Jazz cruising with a sea turtle. Look how small she is compared to the turtle.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Suzie Wela Kim Ohana Reunion

Zui's grandpa is one of 14 children. They are the children of Chai Han Kim (first Korean baptized in 1927) and Suzie Wela. So the reunion was for all the descendants of Chai Han and Suzie. Thanks to Uncle Delbert and many others who planned the reunion. We had lots of fun getting to know our relatives.

Zeya with the Maui Hong girls.
Had to take this picture of my family sporting the many different Kim ohana shirts. Represent!

Baby Jazz almost 2 months old

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jasmine's Baby Blessing

Baby Jazz was blessed today. I meant to get a close-up of her in her pretty white dress but the crazies took over and I didn't. This picture was taken a few days before the blessing.

Family of four! Can you see Jasmine screaming in this picture? Thankfully she was quiet for the blessing :)
Lots of family came to support us, thank you Kim ohana!
That night we had the family over for panipopo.

The kids all ran wild, while the adults played silly games. It felt good to laugh :)

Zeya loves his Maui cousins! Daisy and Gideon
Lory with baby Jazz.