Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

 It's so cool to be part of another culture.  Chinese New Year is big in the Kim ohana.  Each year the kids dress in their Chinese outfits, thanks to Dennis and Linda.  Dennis plays the drums while the kids take turns hiding in the dragons and dancing around to the beat.

Yvonne busy in the kitchen making some gourmet Chinese food

Time for Hong Bow's!  Each of the kids and adults take their turn in reciting "Ichigong, Archigong, Sanchigong, gong she fat sie, hog bow naw lie" (don't quote me on my Chinese, folks).  My kids had this down, I was so impressed :)  Two hands out, say thank you "xie xie" and the $pecial red envelope is yours!  Thank you Dad and Yvonne!

Zion trying to wrestle Grandpa for his red envelope while he patiently waits for Zion to say "xie xie"

My kids are 3/8 Chinese, I'm glad they can take part in this culture and learn more about their roots.  Happy Chinese New Year!