Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mom and Dad's Visit

My mom and dad came to visit for a week after Jasmine was born. It was soo incredibly helpful. In addition to cooking, cleaning, and taking care of me, they took the kids out for a different adventure everyday. Here is a sample of some of the things they did:
Beach! Ko'olina is a great place for the kids to get in the water.

I love these pictures. My mom took these pics and said Anjuli would crawl on her elbows and knees back to them so she wouldn't get her hands and feet dirty. Too funny!Chuck E Cheese! Always a favorite.

Bungie the Clown. Nice free entertainment in Miliani Town Center.

Menchies! I'm sure my kids loved being so spoiled :)

Shopping at Waikele Outlets. They even got to ride the Yellow Bus (the trolley was out of service).
The boys loved riding the bus. Mom said Zion had to sit in every single seat. Good thing they weren't busy that day!
Leonard's Malasadas--yum.

Fun at the park.

Feeding the ducks at Moanalua Gardens.
This is the famous Hitachi tree.
Gotta love the free playground outside.

Phew! All these activities left the kids wiped out each day.
I was just telling my mom that I take less pictures with each new kid. I'm glad she took a lot of great photos while they were here.

Anjuli loves being a big sister and is always asking to hold the baby.

You can kind of see Jasmine's dimples in this photo. She is really a sweet baby.
The night before they left we had a picnic at Ali'i's in Haleiwa.
Jasmine's first beach day :)
It was fun to be able to go out with them. I still can't believe they sacrificed a whole week to serve me and my family.
Thank you so much, Mom and Dad! It means the world to us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I do Homebirth

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I feel a little bit granola when people find out I do homebirth, like I’m a nut or something. I know it’s so different, and truthfully while growing up I assumed I would have a hospital birth with an epidural like most everyone else.

I have been asked just about every question in the book about home birth. First most people ask, “why do you do homebirth?” Simply put, I don’t like hospitals. I don’t like the smell, being stuck on a bed, needles, or exposing myself to strangers.

It all started with a good friend of mine, a mentor and Sunday school teacher, Betty Ludlow. I was very close to her all through my teen years. When I found out she was a midwife and delivered babies I thought, how cool it would be to have someone I knew deliver my baby. I decided to give it a try.

I loved the freedom that home birth offers. I get to labor however I want, wherever I want: playing DDR, listening to my mom play piano, walking around my house, going outside for a quick walk, in the shower… I love being able to eat or drink if I’m hungry. I trust my midwife (who’s delivered more than 1,000 babies) and know that she is doing what’s best for me. The risk of C-section and having an episiotomy are much smaller (I’ve never had one, or even torn). I love the quiet spirit surrounding our family after the birth. I love the intimate feeling of just being us with our newest arrival to enjoy. But mostly I choose home birth because I love being in the comforts of my own home. After the baby is born the midwife helps me shower and move me to my bed, where I stay for at least the next 3 days as everybody waits on me hand and foot. It is so nice to be treated like a queen.

Second question I get, “How can you stand the pain? Doesn’t it hurt?” The answer is a big and resounding YES! I have to admit that every time I’ve been in labor I tell Zui, “I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! WHY am I having my baby at home? WHY would I put myself through this pain if there was a way out of it? WHY am I not in the hospital getting an epidural, the “gift from God” right now!” *sigh* But it doesn’t last forever, not even a day, usually not more than a few hours. And then it’s over and you’re holding your beautiful baby and you know it was all worth it.

Third question: “Isn’t it messy?” Well, whether you have the baby in the hospital or at home, yes, it is messy. But midwives know exactly how to keep things simple and under control. I had my first 3 babies on the bed. Before labor the bed is prepared with a fitted sheet, shower curtain, another fitted sheet, and flat sheet. Towels and chucks pads are close by. After the baby comes out and while I’m in the shower the sheets are stripped and underneath the shower curtain are the clean sheets all ready to use. In a matter of a few minutes my bedroom is back to normal and there are nearly no signs of a birth happening there.

I loved giving birth in the water. The birthing tub has a disposable liner in it. Warm water is filled and then plugged in so it stays at the same temperature. After the baby was born Dr. Lori and Zui siphoned the water down the drain while I showered. By the time I came back to the bed everything was put away with absolutely no mess at all.

Next question: “Aren’t you worried? What if something happens? Is it safe?” Yes, in my opinion, homebirth is safe, but only if you are a low-risk patient, which I am. Midwives come equipped with many medical supplies including an oxygen tank in case of need. If an emergency did arise, I would head to the nearest hospital, not more than 15 minutes away. My midwives have delivered so many babies and I feel safe in their hands.

Although every time I’m in labor I wish I was in the hospital, four kids later I still find myself having a home birth. I guess I’m sold.