Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Day Prep

Zui took the two kids to a pumpkin patch nearby. They loved it!
The same day Zui took the 3 kids to the park (don't I have a great husband?!) Bet you didn't know 3 kids could fit in a single stroller! nah, just kidding, Zui took Zeya out after he saw my reaction ;)

Time to find a Halloween Costume! Zui thought it would be great (meaning, cost effective) if Zion wore the same monster costume as he did last year (mind you, he was only 7 months old then). Somehow Zui squeezed my chubby little guy into it, but I'm not quite convinced it will work for this year...
His cheeks were squished into the hood of the costume--too funny!
Anjuli found a Superman costume and insisted on trying it on. She's really excited for Halloween, and when asked what she wants to be she always says, "Stickers!" hmm....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Sister Syndrome

Anjuli makes the best big sister. I am always finding her next to Zeya where she is giving him kisses, a blankie, graham crackers...hmm... Zion also loves giving kisses to Zeya. Whenever he hears Zeya cry he'll run to find him and give him a big kiss. What a sweetie!

Anjuli is real protective of her baby brother, it is so cute. She loves curling up next to him and pretend to sleep with her arm around him.


One of many kisses...
It's hard to remember when my big girl was as small as Zeya. She's grown up so much!

My darling little girl, singing lullabies to baby brother.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chris' Wedding

Zui, me and baby Zeya got to take a trip to Utah for my brother's wedding! We had a 4 hour layover in Portland so we crashed on the benches. Zeya did great on the plane, he slept and ate the entire time--phew!

On Monday we stopped by to visit with our friends the Kongaika's and the Lindgren's. It was great seeing them again.

On Tuesday, October 6th, Chris got married! He married a really sweet girl, Brittany. They are perfect for eachother.

One more swing pose :) Even Zeya got to join in on the fun!

happy family

Izaiah Ivan with Daddio Ivan.

Evie, Corina, Mom and me.

The entire Jones family (minus all the grandchildren)

Congrats, Bud! We're so happy for you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Meaning Behind the Name


Izaiah--We both liked this name from the start, but of course Zui has to have a "Z" in all his boys names :)

Ivan--My Dad's name! A man I have always looked up to.

Kaukaliokeakua- Hawaiian for "The faithful follower of God"

Xiang-De--Chinese for "eminating virtue". According to traditional Chinese naming, siblings share one common character, which is why Zion (Cheng-De) and Izaiah share the same last character.

Kim--Korean for "gold" (oh, and his last name :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Izaiah has arrived!

For those of you who don't know I am one of those crazy people who like to have their babies at home :) Hence this picture of me in my bedroom... dilated to a 7, I was so excited! What I didn't know at the time was that I would be stuck at a 7 for the next 5 hours...
ALL WORTH IT! On Sunday, September 27th at 5:52pm our baby boy came. He measured 21 in and 7lb 9oz. We were so excited to finally hold baby Izaiah. I really thought it was a girl so it was a fun surprise. I have guessed wrong with all of my children, so I think I'll stop guessing now :) Zui really wanted a boy so he was extra happy.
Happy family
Izaiah attempting his first shaka :)

Anjuli and Zion spent the day with Zui's brother, Darrell. When they came home they met their new baby brother! Anjuli was thrilled. Zion...hmm...is still adjusting.

Zui's dad with baby Zaiah.
Our wonderful midwife, Betty. She has delivered all of our children. She's actually staying with us for a whole week to take care of us--what an angel! She has been cooking, cleaning, and playing with the kids while making sure I don't get out of bed--doc's orders.
More pics to come...