Friday, June 29, 2012

MPP Celebration

 The kids had their last day of school at Mililani Presbyterian!  Anjuli is "graduating" and moving on to Kindergarten, Zion will start again in 3 weeks.  They have absolutely loved going to preschool here, and so fun for them to go together.  The performances were so great!  Zion's class sang "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" and a Hawaiian song that they knelt down and did a stick dance to.  Anjuli's class sang "Jesus Loves Me" in English, and then Hawaiian.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two-wheeler Champs!

 Anjuli and Zion just learned how to ride two-wheelers!  Zui taught them by first using a glider bike (no pedals) to get used to balancing.  After a day of that they were ready to ride!  Now we are spending lots of time bike-riding to parks, the store, and Grandpa's house.  It's nice to see the kids outside so much.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

National Guild Auditions

 On Wednesday June 20th we had National Guild Auditions.  Zui picked up the judge, Carol Wilcoxson, from her hotel in Waikiki.  She graded all of my students based on 30+ categories (musicianship, technique, rhythm etc...).  What a great experience!  The students each got a graded certificate, pin, and trophy.  I love how it pushed my students to learn and memorize anywhere from 4 to 10 pieces, as well as the scales and cadence chords.   Glad to have it over, too!
Max, Mia, Erika, and Emi Ohki.  Just found out they are moving...I will miss them!
Carol, I, and Marissa and Sarah Hui.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

School Zoo Field Trip

Zui got to chaperone on Anjuli and Zion's field trip to the Zoo.  The kids loved it, especially the bus ride ;) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oregon: Saying Goodbye

Sunday before Cindy left we had one last family dinner.  Julie and Gary cooked a delicious meal (thanks!). 

Zeya is such a cuddlebug with Aunty Creena

Boys having fun outside
The Ham's have so many fun toys!

Kyle with a smiling (crying) Jasmine!

Zui had fun playing cards with Kyle and Caleb

On Monday, our last day, we went to the duck pond park.

Dad treated us to a yummy lunch: Chinese, Golden Crown style!

The Ham's were so nice to house us for an entire week.
A Big mahalo to everyone who helped make our trip a success!  We had such a wonderful time and look forward to our next trip to the mainland.  We will miss you all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oregon: Visiting Friends

We were fortunate to be able to see a few friends while in Oregon.  Betty is a must-see every time I come.  She is a gem.

Betty loved helping the kids down the slide.

She even went down the slide with them a few times!

Betty holding her babies--she delivered the first 3!

Athlyn is now 101, but she still has all her marbles  ;)

Athlyn suffers from Cancer in her nose.

Renee and I were best friends in high school.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Oregon: Jaz and Miri

Two adorable cousins, getting to know eachother!  Jasmine and Miriam are only 2 weeks apart.  It was so fun watching them play together.