Sunday, July 28, 2013

Latest family pic

 Took some quick family pics after church today.  Here's the best two:

And here's us as a family of ten!!  Haha, the extra kids are Zui's sister Lorinda's, nice hapa babies too :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy one month

We've survived the first month, hallelujah!  Baby Z is doing better about getting his days and nights figured out.  And I am getting more used to being up every two hours.  You wouldn't believe it but this kid smiles--a lot.  It is the funnest thing.  I know it's not a responsive smile, but man I love it.  And he has blue eyes!!  Every time I look into his blue eyes it makes me so happy to see a little bit of me in him :)  I don't think there's a chance of it staying but I'm enjoying it in the meantime.  Happy one month, Ziggy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trip to Oregon

I don't have many pictures from our family reunion...but here are some good ones Zui took.  It was such a great trip.  So hard, so tired, so emotionally drained...but worth it.  Seeing my family, my entire family, was priceless.
The kids still enjoyed the "cold" beach :)

The family dance party was so fun!
This is what no naps does to a child...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ezekiel's Baby Blessing

Ezekiel was blessed on July 14th while on our family reunion in Oregon.  It was really neat having all my family there. 
 His full name is Ezekiel Dennis Keakahai Ming-de Kim.  Zui has always wanted a son named Ezekiel, even moreso once Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah became a famous BYU football player drafted to the NFL.  The kids love to call him Ziggy.  I still prefer Ezekiel.

Zui gave a beautiful blessing.  Here are some of the things said in it:
Look to Savior Jesus Christ to apply the atonement in your life so you can return to your Heavenly Father.
Remember ancestors and parents and all who have come before you.  Look through their histories so you can be a stalwart young man and father some day.
You will be able to discern and choose the right.
You will know, too, when you are choosing wrong.
Serve a mission and return with honor and be blessed with an abundance of the Spirit.
You will be a great Patriarch in your home
You will find a wife and marry in the temple.
You will help fill your home with love
Not quarrel in home and be a help in the home.
Look to your mother and father.

We forgot to bring a dress for Jazzy!

The original Jones'
Love my good man...

Jones Clan!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Ever since mom left we have been working on surviving, one day at a time.   This laundry pic is a good example of our crazy lives.  The laundry's been piling up and with no time to put it away it has found a new home next to baby.

My four exhausted boys conked out on my bed. 
sleeping angel
"Hip hip hooray, I'm getting circumcised today!"  Taken just before surgery :)
Five in the tub is getting a bit squishy...


Jazzy has digressed back to the pacifier stage pretending she's a baby, too.

Don't we look like a lot?  I just keep counting kids, there's so many of them and all over the place!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mom to the rescue!

Mom was here a whole week to help out.  It sure was nice.  She always had a load of laundry going and rolls in the oven.  I felt like the Queen of Sheeba being waited on hand and foot.  She even took this cutie boy for a few hours during the night.

The kids sure had a great time with Grandma.  Together they went to McDonald's, Chuck E Cheese, the beach and the park.  She also played ponies, dolls, cars, and board games.

It was so cute seeing Mom give Zeya a piano lesson :)
Mom giving baby his first bath
Grandma's little helpers :)
Thanks so much, Mom!  We so appreciate your help!!