Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Zeya!

Happy Birthday, baby boy! I can't believe my little Zeya is already one. Where has the time gone?
We had a short and sweet birthday party for him. He gets so fussy at nights that we had to keep things quick and simple.
Zui picked out this balloon for him--all boy. Zui loves Marvel so it shouldn't have come as any surprise...
Peek a boo! I don't really know what Zeya's doing here but it looks like it... he was such a smiler tonight, real fun.
Check out my pathetic looking birthday cake! I ran out of M&M's so it actually just says "Zey" and then I put an animal cookie after that symbolizes the A. Now that's creative!
It took Zeya a while to start to dig in. For a while he just sat and stared at this huge cake sitting on his tray. Then Zui helped him get started.
Let's see what happens if I throw my cake on the ground! Lucky for us he didn't, but I think he had fun seeing our reactions :)
Birthday cake mess;
Happy boy
We gave the kids cupcakes and let them decorate their own. I guess it was a bad idea to hand over the sprinkles to ZyZy...
Zeya got a rash guard and a blue and white polo from his Aunty Lory.
I love new clothes for the kids! Something that isn't stained--wow!
Then he opened our present, a ball toy that Zion and Anjuli fight over CONSTANTLY.
What a winner present! Maybe if he's lucky Zeya will get a turn :)

Happy Birthday Zeya! We are so glad you are part of our family. Everybody adores you, especially your momma :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Walking Field Trip

Today I got to volunteer at Anjuli's preschool on their walking field trip! It was a lot of fun, and really special to spend time with Anjuli at school.
We walked first to the Mililani Firestation. The firemen talked about what they did and put on all the gear for us to see.
Anjuli immediately associated a big truck with loud noise, so this was her during the entire presentation. I tried convincing her it wouldn't be loud but she didn't believe me.

Trying on the fireman hat.
When he put on the mask a few kids got al little scared. Their gear weighs around 45 lbs--wow!
They let all the kids climb up the stairs and walk through the truck. That was Anjuli's favorite part :)
Next we walked to Foodland! Grandma Dottie showed us the bakery first, and everyone got a sample of their donut holes and cheese rolls.
Then we went to the back storage area. We saw the place where the big trucks come in and unload the merchandise. While we were there George in Produce cut up a watermelon for us and gave us another snack!
Cooold! Brrr, the freezer room. It made all the kids giddy.
Grandma Dottie kept saying, "So kids, where are you going to tell your mommy and daddy to go shopping?? FOODLAND!"
Next we went to Showers of Blessings, a religious bookstore.
There we got to watch a skit about King Solomon. The kids loved the balloons. They each got to take one home.

Last stop: Jamba Juice! I think I'm pretty accurate in saying this was the favorite place of all :)
Each child got to help make the Jamba. Here's Anjuli putting in 2 scoops of frozen strawberries.
Mmm.... What a fun day we had! And how nice her preschool is in close proximity to all of these places to make for a fun field trip.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Play Dates

Zui was gone for 5 days in Seattle for business. While he was gone I took off work and had several play dates lined up to help the time pass. It was really a lot of fun, and nice to be home with the kids all day and not rush off to work.
Noelle and Elle Lam came over to play. The kids had lots of fun playing "Elefun."
They loved the play house. Anjuli makes the best Mommy.
Des and her fam came over. Our kids are all about the same ages, so it's real fun.
6 kids in the pool...I tried to get them all to smile but as you can see it was impossible.
Des brought shave ice for dessert, which the kids loved!
I sure missed Zui, but it was nice to know I can survive without him (for a short while :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best of Friends

Anjuli and Zion are the best of friends. Of course they fight a million times a day, but they sure love to play together, too.
Anjuli uses Zion as her prince charming. She's always trying to get him to dance with her.
Zion loves to give Anjuli hugs. They'll usually hug and walk around til they fall over. Sometimes they fight, and Anjuli will say, "Zion come dance with me, you're the prince!" and Zion will say, "No, HUG, I love you!" It's one fight that always makes me laugh.
Zion loves to do whatever Anjuli does so...if Anjuli loves princesses, Zion's right there with her. (Don't worry, he loves trucks and is definitely a boy :)
Shoppers in high heels
We recently put up a big swimming pool in our backyard. It has provided hours and hours of entertainment.

On the bed or on the floor, I always find these two sleeping together. They are quite the pair.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

This Labor Day I was really craving some grilled food, corn on the cob, watermelon, and good company. At the last minute we invited some of Zui's cousins over--Kapono & Sheena and Brian & Tiff.
Mmm...brownies and icecream for dessert. Zion LOVES icecream--he calls it "Icecream shop" (thanks to a Baby Einstein movie.)

The kids all had a great time. Between all of us there were 7 kids running around. Anjuli and Zion sure love their cousins :)

Thanks for a great Labor Day, guys! Good food, good fam, good fun :)