Friday, September 25, 2009

Memory Foam Feet

Baby's due any time now. I'm looking forward to having skinny feet again :)

Summer Summer Alts

Ever since we went to a Gymnastics trial class, Anjuli has been doing somersaults, or as she calls them, "summer summer alts" all day long. Even Zion does them!

Anjuli and Zion love playing with their Daddy. He makes a great tiger!
uh oh...sometimes not so sturdy :)

Time for Anjuli's haircut! After I got her all set up I ran out of the room for not even 1o seconds to look for a brush. I came back to find her, scissors in hand, after she took a huge chunk out of her bangs. I think she found a new passion in life :)

Anjuli loves jumping on her "trampoline."

Don't I have the cutest little girl?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun with Jas and Becca

My brother Jason and his wife came to visit for a few days! It's so fun to have family visit. We had a great time with them. Jason wanted to try out surfing but the North Shore was double overhead, so we headed to Waikiki instead. He caught on real quick and even stood up on his first wave!This is the wave he caught--unfortunately in my excitement I zoomed in on the wrong person...sorry Jas!

Becca was smart enough to get us an umbrella so we didn't get fried. Sorry about the spread eagle shot, it's hard to sit up nowadays and Zion just plopped himself down in the middle.

Zui took Jas and Becca on a hike called Stairway to Heaven. It's 3992 stairs up to the top. I was gonna go, but decided I didn't feel like having my baby up there...jk.

Zui said it was pretty rainy but they still got some good views.
We went to the USS Arizona our last day together. Anjuli and Zion loved the boat ride out to the memorial.

Becca bought Anjuli these sunglasses--she just loves them! She has been wanting sunglasses for a while (and mine are getting permanently damaged from her borrowing them). Now she is always wearing her sparkly shades :)
Thanks Becca! A winner toy from Jas and Becca: this frog sprinkler has provided a ton of entertainment in the bathtub.
Zion loves to try to drink from it, too cute.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Latest...

Don't I have cute kids?! I had to take this picture because I was dressing the kids while watching a movie with them. I looked down and found Zion wearing Anjuli's shorts!

For a second I thought that Anjuli put them on him...and then I realized it must've been me. Woops!

Zui gives Zion a haircut about every 2 months. It is always quite the crying ordeal, so now he gets to watch a movie at the same time! We recently invested in a real haircut cape. Zui is the best barber in town! (and definitely for the best deal :)

Doesn't Anjuli look like such a big girl? She recently got a school backpack filled with supplies from the Hawaiian home education program she is a part of. Ever since then she wears her backpack all the time and talks about going to school. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast!

Daddy loves to play with Anjuli's hair in the tub--it sure is getting long!

Anjuli and Zion love to have 'dance parties.' During this one Anjuli says, "Mommy! Get the camera--take a picture!"