Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Zion!

Check out how my baby has grown!

My big boy is 4 years old already! Wow, how time flies. Zion has been waiting for his birthday to come for months, so I was so relieved when it was finally here ;) He was easy to shop for: Spiderman or superhero anything, which is easy to find at garage sales. In the morning we ate his special Lucky Charms birthday cereal, then rushed off to ... the Emergency Preparedness Fair!
Zui was in charge of this Fair, which happened to land on Zion's bday. It turned out to be for the best because of all the great entertainment we had there. Zion thought this Nemo jumper was all for his bday!

There were also tons of games for the kids to play. Zeya loved this beantoss game and stayed there for a good 45 minutes.Here's a look at the fair. Lots of volunteers came together to pull this off.

The fire truck came...just for Zion's birthday!
He was so excited.
Anjuli with cousin Kaila.

After naps we went to Chuck E Cheese and Mcdonald's.We splurged and bought one happy meal to share, only because the toy was Transformer's Optimus prime (he's really into that, too).

Later that night we had our family bday party, which Dad and Yvonne came to.Zion wanted cupcakes, easy to please ;)

Finally, time to open presents!
His first present was a huge Galaxy glow in the dark marble roll ($5 g-sale). It took Zui 3 hours to put together, with almost 500 pieces. This pic was taken the next day after it was assembled. The kids are enthralled by it.Another big favorite: the nerf gun! Complete with velcro vests and extra bullets.
I think this toy was just as much for Zui....he sure loves it, too ")
And of course the Batman costume! Zion has been asking for one for months. Little did he know we had already picked one up for $1 at a garage sale months before, and threw it in our Halloween box.

That pretty much covers it. It was a fun and crazy day, so fun to see Zion all excited over his special day. On Monday his preschool class sang to him over cupcakes. He loves preschool.Happy Birthday, Zion! At age 4 Zion loves: Oatmeal for breakfast, any dessert, especially brownies and icecream, hot dogs with bbq sauce, toys: Spiderman mostly, but also Superman, other superheros, Buzz Lightyear, and Transformers. He's still really into puzzles and will often spend a good half hour doing the same puzzle over and over again. Loves water, the pool, his bike (learning how to ride a "1-2" wheeled bike!) and anything outside. He is quick to get into fights but also quick to say "sorry". And, my favorite, he STILL holds my hand when he takes his nap:
I love ya, ZyZy!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy 10 months, Jaz!

I can't believe my baby girl is already 10 months old! Time is flying by. This has been a month of discovery for Jaz as she has to make messes! Holy cow, this girl has really figured it out! Just look what she's been up to!! *note* These really don't do a justice--some disasters are so great I am unable to get to my camera!
Here she is in action:

Who knew flowers would taste so good?
Of course picking them is almost just as fun... this is the spot where I found Jasmine screaming covered in dirt. She must have been reaching over for a flower like this and face-planted inside the garden.


Zion brought home a plant from preschool but it didn't last too long...

TASTY TP (are you catching the trend here?)

Here Jazzy and co-partner in crime Zeya, empty out all the Kix for snack time.


I'm beginning to think books really do belong on the floor.

This one is more fun than trouble. I just love that she has reached that "I can finally touch the piano keys" height :)
Had to throw in this family shot at the pool today. Thanks to Aunty Becca for the snazzy sunglasses!
Swimsuit Model of the year

Isn't she precious?

Even though she does keep me on my toes, she's still more cute than chaos ;) I love my baby girl!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mini Golf

Saturday we went to Hawaiian Waters to play mini-golf. The kids were totally enthralled and loved it.
Some actions shots...
I couldn't get Zeya to look up, he was so intent on hitting that ball!

Anjuli loves her cowgirl boots.


We've been trying to get out every Saturday and go on a small family adventure. Fun memories :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hawaiian Rain

Everytime it pours Zui sends the kids outside in their swimsuits. The first time I said, Zui! What about jackets? He goes, Jenn, this is HAWAII!
It's true, even the rain in Hawaii is warm.