Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ezekiel at 10 months

Ezekiel has gotten more fun and more...challenging. He is a wrestling champ and makes diaper changing time super difficult! He can arch his back and flip around before you can get the wipes ready. He's taken a few steps already, but hasn't gotten past 2 steps at a time. Loves to play chase, eat flowers and dirt, and spit with compulsion any real food you try to put in his mouth. Gotten a bit more clingy, hanging on to my legs while I try to cook. Overall still such a happy, fun boy.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Random March pics

Some pics I randomly found on the computer...some from several months back. 

Secret Beach: the boys love swimming in the small current

Anjuli goes through a stack of books each day. 

Zion after he got 8 cavities filled :(

Anjuli lost her first 2 teeth! (It took me so long to take this pic that they are already grown in)

Jazzy is a big girl now and wears panties!!
Zion loves having matching Turtle pajamas

Anjuli wrote this and I found it hilarious
And this one :)
This is why I love it when my visiting teacher comes..! Picture me all by myself on the other couch. haha

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soccer and Swim Saturday

 Zion's soccer season finally started! (you can only imagine how many times he asked me..).  And Zui is his coach!  How fun is that!  Their team name is the Ninja Warriors.  Today we played the Rattlesnakes.
 Zion is great at stealing the ball and making a run for it but he has trouble getting in the net.
 Future soccer star
 The pool felt great after the heat of the day.  Zion is learning how to dive.

 Jazzy is happy as long as she is eating :)