Friday, May 30, 2014

Ice Palace

Anjuli and Zion got to go to Ice Palace for their end of year party!  All the students of Myron B Thompson Academy were invited.  They had a great time seeing "snow" !!  And the practice with rollerblades really paid off here, they really didn't have too much trouble.  Miss Tinkerbell with them is our neighbor, Liliana.

Anjuli with her teacher Ms. Lee.  Unfortunately we didn't get a pic with Zion and his teacher, Ms. Masters.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fun pics from May

The kids made these lanterns out of glass jars and tissue paper (except Jazzy's of course!)

ALL of the kids love roller-blading, even if their blades are 5 sizes too big

Zion is a master-builder.  He loves building with magnatiles.

Zeya asleep at Costco

Zui's last day of Seminary with his class.  He made it!
Anjuli's letter she wrote to me.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ezekiel at 11 months

 This has been a good months for Ezekiel.  He has been pretty darn happy pretty much all the time.  He makes life so much fun over here.  He loves talking and babbling all day and says things like "eesh, and woosh".  A few weeks ago he started saying "Hi!" while waving his hand vigorously.  It is so cute.  He greets you several times a day, any time I leave a room or go upstairs and come back to see him again he tells me hi. 

Last night in the bath he handed me a toy and I said "What's that?" and right away he repeated me and said "Wazat"!  It was so funny.  Zekiel's diet consists of yogurt and pears, and just recently french toast and scrambled eggs with syrup (please no lectures about sugar before age 1 :)  I am just happy he eats something!!  He still prefers dirt and rocks and he loves pulling up things out of my garden (*sigh).  Oh, and he has been walking for about the last month!!  I have never had an early walker so it is pretty fun.  In the last month we've watched him go from wobbly first steps to walking like a pro.  What a fun stage of life for him, and us!  We sure love this boy and just can't get enough of him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jazzy turns 3!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!  Jazzy was so excited for her birthday.  Although she refuses to turn three.  We would tell her "Jazzy you're 3 now!" And she'd say, "No I NOT!  I 2!!!"  

Jazzy opened up this wiggle car for her birthday.  I know it's blue, but the pink one cost $15 more!  At first she didn't like it but now it is all the rave over here and is constantly being played on and fought over.

Check out my cake.  See? No frosting.  Right before serving I got out the pressurized canned whipped cream and squirted on some fancy frosting.  Now that is easy, and easy is just what I need now a days :)

Jazzy opened up a Frozen coloring book, and princess flashlight.  Every kid LOVES flashlights!

At night we had a simple birthday party.  We were just going to have Grandpa and Apo over for cake and icecream but ended up inviting over 2 neighbor friends at the last minute, Ashyln and Lili.  

Zui's sister, Lehua w/Blayze

Apo Grandpa with Astryd and Zekiel

 Sure love my baby girl!  She is getting all grown-up now and is constantly telling me, "Mommy, I BIG!"  Happy Birthday, Jazzy!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day!  The kids woke me up singing "Mother I love you..." and held out breakfast: an omelet and yogurt.

They could hardly wait for me to come downstairs.  They had decorated the house with little hearts and notes everywhere.   Anjuli's card read" Dear Mommy, I love you more than anything.  And I love you because you are my most favorite mom and because you are the most luckiest mom on earth."  Zion's card said, "Dear Mom, I love you forever and ever, and that is a very long time."
 Zui bought me flowers, a balloon and matching bracelet and earrings (that I actually like!!).  
When Zui showed me this picture right after taking it I immediately  broke out in tears.  I just couldn't believe they were all mine.  Anjuli was right, I really am the luckiest mom on earth.
I thought this picture of me actually dressed and kids all churchy would look better...but after a long day of church nobody was in the mood to take a picture :)  Oh well.  Feeling very blessed to be a mother, and for my wonderful mother who raised me.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Around the World in 60 Minutes

 Our recital on May 2nd was a huge success.  Everyone played wonderfully and it was so nice to hear them play their best.  This recital count was 43 students--phew!  It is like having a gigantic family.  I love seeing the kids grow week by week.
 Zui and I played "Hungarian Dance #5" by Brahms.  It was so fun to play together.  We tried staging this picture after but it just isn't quite the same with all the empty chairs :)  I'm so glad my husband can play duets with me!
 Zion played "Russian Sailor Dance" and did a great job.  He is such a ham.

 Anjuli played "Silver Moon Boat".  This was her 3rd recital already.
Such a fun night!