Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Zeya!

Happy Birthday to my Izaiah!  I can't believe he is 5 already!  Birthday morning we opened up a couple presents and had sugar cereal.
We had his birthday party in the afternoon.  I think he had about 8 friends come.  Evelyn is his best friend.  Everyone loved this game: put on the fireman hat, covered with whip cream, then another person throws m&m's at the cream and sees how many can stick!
 ..and then you eat them, of course.
In lieu of a piñata, we put a piece of candy inside each balloon, then had each kid pop a balloon, over Zui's head.  They loved it.
Zeya was soo excited about his cake.  He helped decorate it.  He wanted a "tall cake with m&m's" so that is what we did.   It was so funny.  As soon as his friends came the first thing he showed them was his cake in the fridge, and then they would both say, "whoaaa..." like it was so cool.  I had to laugh to myself.  My cake mix cake with frosting and m&m's thrown on top.  But to him it was so special.
Zeya got lots of cool presents.  It was fun to see him be the center of attention.  Being the middle child hasn't been easy on him, and I'm afraid he often gets overlooked.
Happy birthday to my sweet Zeya!  I hope this year is a great one for him :) 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September random pics

My kids never get tired of going to the beach.  This is Ali'i's, surf was high, kids found lots of hermit crabs and other treasures.

Jasmine and Zigs are two peas in a pod.  They love doing things together.
 Anjuli at karate practice, doing her kata.

Ezekiel loves getting rides in laundry baskets, and the kids love pretending they are the horsey.

Leave a hose on and this boy is happy forever.  But be prepared for a tantrum when you turn it off!

This is what happens when you try to wash your car with 5 kids...

Zion and Anjuli wanted to match going to school :)  They are great friends, most of the time...