Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas has really come to life for me as I get to experience it through my kids eyes. They were so sooo excited this year. Anjuli couldn't wait to make cookies for Santa--to which Zion would always say, "No cookies Santa, cookies ZION!"
It's fun to play Santa, although I must say we were pretty exhausted by the end.
Zui knocked out pretty quick...
We always do strings first. This year we were smart and made the strings extra short for us and the kids. We also used large ribbon instead of string, which helped the kids to see it easier and not trip.

Zion's string led to...the oven!

Zion loves anything with wheels...typical boy.

Anjuli's present was behind the couch.Princesses galore. She plays with these the most out of anything (thanks Hughes family!)
The play kitchen behind Zion was a gift from the Brady's, who's all 5 kids used it :) They LOVE playing with this. We got them some more food toys to play with it, too.
The kids were so hyper. They just went from opening one present to the next.
Whenever I asked Anjuli what she wanted for Christmas she always said the same thing: princess toys.
She got A LOT of princess things (they are soo easy to find at garage sales!)
Thanks Aunty Lory!!
Anjuli loves this princess cape.

Zui's ribbon led to the closet.
I gave him a grip pad for his surfboard, plus a coupon for a homemade surfsock (good thing my Mom is coming soon to help me with this!)
Zui got me a necklace! I love it, it's perfect.
Zui was a *little* excited about opening his present from Santa.
Yay, a cordless drill! We have been borrowing Zui's dad's for the past year. Definitely time for our family to have our own.
Izaiah loved playing with all the tissue paper. The kids played with all of his new toys, too.
Anjuli modeling her new princess outfits.

I love having a princess. She is such a girly girl :)
I think this is Zeya's favorite toy: the slide. He is constantly seen going down the slide and up the stairs again. This was a great garage sale find--only $1.
Our gingerbread house was not the prettiest thing but the kids sure had fun making it. Zion had a hard time putting the candies on the house--he only wanted to eat them. He has such a sweet tooth (just like me).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Pictures

We got family pictures taken finally, hooray! Here are the best ones of each of us :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day

Anjuli's preschool had a snow day! They brought in a truck load of "snow" (Freshly made on the island) and the kids had a great time.
Zeya sat on the side and liked holding the snow.
But he didn't like sitting in it...
Zion was in 7th heaven. He loved climbing up to the top and sliding down.

Anjuli preferred to stay on the ground and make snowmen.

And both of them loved throwing snowballs at me and Zeya!
A fun day, I'm glad they could experience snow a little bit. Hopefully within the next few years we'll be able to make it out to Oregon or Utah and experience the real thing :)