Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids Update

Anjuli at age 4 is lots of fun and easy to get along with (most of the time). She loves princesses and always wants to play dress up. Recently Grandma sent in the mail some new princess jammies and a new valentines dress. Anjuli was ecstatic! She loved modeling them for me. Anjuli loves preschool and playing with her 2 brothers.

Anjuli loves the sleeves on this princess dress. She calls them bells and loves to "ring" them :)

She made quite a cute valentine at church on Sunday!
Anjuli loves art and has learned to write her name. At preschool her 2 favorite things to do is read books and paint.
I know this is an unusual picture, but we just thought it was so funny Zion would fall asleep in the bathtub! I was gone when this happened, but apparently Zui had finished bathing Zion and went downstairs to get Zeya. By the time he came back upstairs Zion was completely knocked out and wouldn't wake up for anything.
Zion turns 3 next month and is SO excited to get a balloon on his birthday and go to Chuck E Cheese. He talks about it everyday. Zion loves to tease his big sister and take her toys away. But when she's gone (at preschool) he always asks where she is and when she's coming home.
Zion loves to have his picture taken right now. Such a ham. Other favorite activities include playing outside, playing with water, and anything with wheels. Zion also loves to cook with me. He is always pulling out the stool and saying, "Mommy, we use the mix-it?" (mixer). He loves our new Kitchenaid more than anything!
Zeya also loves water, as can be seen here :) Oh boy, we have found him not only in the bathroom sink, but also in places such as inside the toilet bowl (eww!) and inside Grandpa's koi pond trying to catch the fish! We really have to be careful to close all the doors to the bathrooms, he is quick.
Zeya loves to make messes!! Every meal is a huge mess and usually requires some kind of full-body rinse or a bath. He loves to throw things on the floor. We call him "Zeya ba-beya" and often sing about him to the tune of Fiddler on the Roof "Mess-maker, mess-maker make me a mess..."
Zeya has a really fun-loving personality, and loves people. He is always waving at strangers and saying "hi" to them. His two other words he knows is "Mommy" and "bu" for bus. The older kids love and adore him, and I can always count on them to help entertain when I'm busy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Aboard!

The kids have been enthralled with a short train movie about 10 minutes long. Ever since, they've been asking me when they could ride on the train. I didn't even think there was a train on Oahu. But I looked it up, and sure enough there is an Oahu Railway Society that restores old trains and offers rides. I was so excited, the kids were even moreso.
They had some really neat locomotives we could look at.
The kids matching shirts are from Grandma (thanks!).

Here's the passenger train we rode. The kids couldn't wait to get on.
The 45 minute tour was just long enough. Pretty slow and bumpy at 15 miles/hr. The kids loved it. Especially since the train passed by construction sites with lots of diggers and bulldozers--two shows in one!
Afterwards Lorinda's family bought all the kids train whistles. Wow! The kids have had tons of fun making ear-shattering noises with these :)
Afterwards we took the kids to McDonald's. The play center was a plus.

Chuck E Cheese was right around the corner. The kids begged to go, so we spent $2 and gave them each 4 tokens. They had a lot of fun in 20 minutes :)

What a fun day. The kids were exhausted by the time we left. I love it when my kids are happy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My college roomate Melissa came into town with her husband. We took them to our favorite beach, Ko'olina.
Anjuli loves boogie boarding. Zui gives her a little push when the "wave" comes and she rides onto shore.
Zeya loves the beach. It's so nice to have everyone entertained (for free!)

It's pretty hard to get 3 kids to look at the same time when they're all enthralled with sand toys.

Beach days make me happy, because my family is happy :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

We celebrated Chinese New Year at the Dennis Kim home, as usual. First the grandkids did a lion dance while Grandpa beat the drum in the background.
Then time for the hong bows! We dressed up the kids in some Chinese outfits that Linda gave them a few years ago.
Zui had been practicing with them for a few days to get the hong bows right, so they were actually pretty good at it :)
Lucky girl! Anjuli's been so excited for Chinese New Year so she could have some money to buy a princess sticker book she's been wanting.
Dennis and Yvonne also dressed up in traditional Chinese attire. The kids sure love Grandpa and Apo!
Thank you, Dad, for the red envelope$!