Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Zeya!

 Happy Birthday to my big boy, Zeya!  3 years old, wow how the time flies.
This is Zeya's 9m pic.  Zion said, "Look mom, same shorts!"  Yep, he STILL wears those swim shorts to the pool!
We let him open one present at breakfast: diggers!

Gotta love the bed-head hair!

At the dentist, that's right, somehow I scheduled them on his bday.  He insisted on wearing his pajamas.
Not too happy getting xrays taken, but at least they gave him a toy

Off to the waterpark!  I didn't get any pics in the water, but we played minigolf after.

After naps, Zui took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, followed by McDonald's for dinner.  I came home from piano and cleaned the house real quick for the little party.
I've never made a real cake before, usually my kids get cupcakes with sprinkles for their bday.  But a good friend of mine posted this digger cake on facebook and I knew I had to try.  Zeya just loves diggers.  It was so fun!
Zeya was thrilled with his cake!

Zeya didn't eat out of his bowl, he just kept digging...

and digging...

Bite after bite...Who knew diggers make great utensils?

"more please!"

Present time!

Zeya loves his Grandpa ")

Zeya-isms that make me smile:
"Mom, no shi-shi in the pants--that's the TRUTH!"
"One time... I saw a truck!  One time..."
"Where's my blankie?  Oh no, someone stole it!"
"Oh no!  Baby Jaz is coming!"
"I wanna carry you"

At age 3 Zeya loves Little Einsteins, anything racecar (Lightning McQueen), Spiderman, and trucks and diggers.  He loves wearing his "running shoes" and insists on wearing them whenever we go outside.  He still takes his blankie with him everywhere, and is a thumb-sucker.  Zeya loves to lay on the bottom stair and just hang out there.  He loves oatmeal for breakfast, or anything with peanut butter and syrup on top.  Zeya is a cuddlebug.  He loves to be held, hold hands, and give hugs and kisses, and zerberts :) He is such a sweet boy, and we are so blessed to have him in our family!  Love ya, Zeyababeya!