Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Day, Superman, & Skate Park

The kids loved snow day at their preschool.  It's the closest thing to a winter we get!  Superman kiddos and skate park fun.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Cindy comes to the rescue!

My sweet sister, Cindy, and daughter Sarah came to help me for a week after baby was born.  I was counting down the days til she got here!  We had a list of projects to accomplish -- she did everything from putting away Christmas to sewing curtains.  And of course she took the kids to the beach or park many times and cooked dinner, plus extra for the freezer.  

Sarah took the above pics, as well as all our family pics at Ezra's baby blessing.  She will be a great photographer some day!  I'm so glad I got a nice family picture to put on my wall.  Thanks Sarah!

The best part of it all was seeing my sister again and having a great time catching up.  Makes me wish we lived closer...  I love ya Cindy!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ezra's Baby Blessing

Ezra Ray Kamaha'o ChaiHan Kim was blessed on January 4th, 2015.  Zui gave such a nice blessing and little Ezra even cooperated by blissfully sleeping.

"Ezra" fits the bill with a "Z" in the name to continue tradition.  Plus we love Pres. Ezra Taft Benson :)  Ray is my brother's middle name, my Dad's dad's name, all men I appreciate and look up to.  Kamaha'o means "remarkable" or "wonderful" in Hawaiian, and is heard often in "Silent Night"  (Po Laie, Po kamaha'o...).  ChaiHan is Zui's dad's middle name, also his Dad's first name (Zui's gpa)...hoping I got that right :)

I love picking names for my kids.  To me that is one of the funnest things about having your own kids.  In fact, I have several more names I would love to secure to my family but just don't know if it will happen.  Our plate is pretty full right now and we are thinking we are most likely done.  But still it is hard to think of letting go of those names!!

Me n my sis, Cindy

Cindy's daughter, Sarah took all these pics

Zui's best friends and family (Matt and Gordon)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

More January pics

Giant tree outside the stake center fell during a heavy storm.

Zui's getting a good workout..


Jazzy with Uncle Cliff

How many kids can come to bed with us??

Love this pic :)

Makapu'u lighthouse trail

Jazzy's shirt?  One of Ezra's onesies..

Baby Ezra, 3 weeks old

January Pics

The first week after baby was born Zui took the kids out of the house each day to go on hikes or to the beach.  Matt was in town with his girls so it was great for both of us.  The kids got so dark from going beach every day, they loved it!

Zion singing to baby Ezra

Zigs is constantly saying, "Mama, hold?" and then "pau" about 3 seconds later..

Having a baby again makes Jazzy want to wear all the baby clothes.  She found this infant hat lying around.. and is always trying to wear Ezra's clothes!  She was so determined!

Kids love building forts with this giant "fort sheet" that Grace made (Ty!)  Visiting is Gordon's kids, Lucas and Roger

Zion found a praying mantis!

Anjuli loved playing with Kiffyn (Matt's daughter) while she was here over Christmas break.
Ezekiel with Olive... a love/hate relationship.. he was such a bully to her, but missed her terribly when she left...kept running outside calling her name.