Monday, January 24, 2011

Mom and Dad's Visit

My Mom and Dad recently came to visit us. It was so much fun. The best part about it was watching them play with the kids. Anjuli for weeks now has been telling me, "Grandma always lets me watch 3 movies...(insert anything that Mom usually doesn't let her do). Needless to say, the kids love them very much :)

Zeya took well especially to Papa, who loves to play and tickle with his grandkids.

The famous "fall forward" :)

We did so many fun things together. One of our favorites was going to Ho'omaluhia, a botanical garden. The name actually means "a place of peace and refuge." It truly is so relaxing and peaceful there.

The kids favorite part is feeding the ducks, which there is A LOT of.
Zeya especially loved the ducks and would try to chase them all around.

Anjuli decided to go on a long walk with Grandma and Papa, but got too tired so lucky her, she got carried!

More feeding the duck pics...Zeya could have stayed there all day I think.

Mom brought me a big Christmas present--my very own Kitchenaid mixer!!

I've just been using a handheld mixer ever since we got married, and had forgotten how nice it is to have a 'real' mixer. The kids especially love the mixer.

Since we've gotten it, everyday (and I'm not joking) Zion or Anjuli asks me to go make something in the mixer so...we've been baking a lot lately :) They love watching it mix, and the yummy treats after.

Here's Anjuli helping me make Icecream Cake out of icecream sandwiches (so super easy!)

Another fun thing we did was go to Makapu'u lighthouse. About a mile walk up a paved trail and you're pretty high up with a beautiful view of the ocean. We even saw some whales spouting!

The kids even did pretty well on the walk.

One night we got a babysitter and went to the PCC luau and night show. It was so nice to relax, eat with 2 hands, and have fire-dancing entertainment :) Thanks Mom and Dad!

Love those mid-bite shots...

Another day we all got on our bikes and did the North Shore trail.

The kids love riding their bikes, and it was fun to stop at so many beaches along the way.

So nice to have someone take a picture of our whole family!

Mom and Dad gave us the best gift of all--a 2 night getaway. We were so excited, at first we didn't even know what to do. Our first stop was to Hawaiian Waters.

I love waterslides! What a blast!

It didn't take long to remember how much fun we can have together. It felt like we were young college students again.

Later that night we walked along the beach outside our hotel. It felt strange to have so much time on our hands, and for things to be so quiet!

We went to the Pali lookout one day. So fun, and so super windy.

I felt giddy the whole time, probably from finally getting enough sleep and having 2 hands to eat enough food, and enough time for US.

Hiking Manuawili Falls. This trail is really pretty, and fun to walk on because it crosses over the stream several times before getting to the waterfall (which is nothing like Multnomah Falls, but still pretty cool for Hawaii).

What a workout :)

At this waterfall you can jump from 30, 40, and 50 foot heights. Zui jumped from the 40 foot several times (mostly because I couldn't get a good video or picture, so I had him keep redoing it:)

Here's a video of Zui's jump:

After Maunawili's we went to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. It still amazes me all the different fish you can see.

Too bad we didn't have an underwater camera...

We came back Sunday morning. When we came back we found out that Zion had been sick the entire time with the throw-ups! Poor Zion, and poor mom and dad who had to clean it all up! It made me even more grateful for my mom and dad watching the kids for 2 whole nights.

Mom also made a surfboard bag for Zui! Originally I was supposed to make it for Zui for Christmas, but when mom came down I asked her to help I picked out the fabric and she sewed it all together! Thanks so much Mom, it looks awesome!
It has been super fun having them here. Next time we see them will be when the baby's born. Can't wait to have them back!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Out with the old, In with the new

I think with the new year brought added motivation to do some more home remodel projects. Zui has been on turbo mode getting so much done lately--I love it! So I'm way behind in blogging...this painting project actually took place several months ago (as can be seen by my pre-pregnant belly). After we started getting a color scheme going in our house with reds and yellows I got the itch to repaint our kitchen. I knew I wanted it so bad that I went out and got the paint, knowing I would have to convince Zui to help me later.

Adding the first stroke--yes!!!

Finished project. Phew! The new color is really fresh and compliments the rest of our house nicely. Thanks, Zui!

Next on my (ahem, "our") to do list was taking out the tile in the kitchen and front entry way. A big project I think we both dreaded doing (Zui dreading the hard labor, me dreading the large mess...) but one day, Zui just started hacking away and the project was off. I love how Zui just dives into projects. I never have to bug him for too long. Here's the before picture of our tiled floor:This project started at the new year with the help of Matt and Dylan Morden. They scraped off all the tile, which came off relatively easily, but the thinset mortar was quite stuck. After many drops of sweat they finally had a smooth floor.

Zui was very smart planning this vinyl project. He first laid out paper, cut, and taped it together to make an exact outline of our floor plan.
Then he moved the paper outside and traced it onto the vinyl before cutting it.
This vinyl literally took up our entire backyard, so everything that could got moved to the roof.
Zui had to remove all the baseboards, scrape the tile, sweep, clean, then put in the premium no-glue vinyl and rhino tape it down before adding new baseboards.

Hooray, finished! I LOVE this multi-colored vinyl compared to our white tile (it hides dirt really well!) Yes! Another project done!
Next on the list was installing laminate in our front entry way. I didn't get a before shot, but when we moved in there was about 12 feet of white tile (same as what used to be in the kitchen), then another 12 feet of laminate flooring, then another 12 feet of carpet. Between the 3 different styles of flooring it looked a little tacky.
Zui had to scrape out all the tile again which took a while. After getting the floor completely even, he started installing the laminate.

Luckily we found the exact same color the previous owners used when they installed the laminate in our living room. Even still, Zui had to backtrack about 3 feet to join the existing laminate with the new.

Finished product with the new baseboards. Yay! I love my new flooring, and even more, I love my Mr. Fix-it husband!!!