Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cruise Adventures part 1

So months ago Chris told me he was going on a cruise in February.  I was intrigued, especially thinking that's my 10 year anniversary month we should do something big, so I asked him if we could tag along.  Well we weren't sure if we could acquire enough babysitters to make it happen but somehow we did!  Look how excited we are to embark on our first ever cruise!!  haha...ha....ha...........

No seriously we had a great time.  Especially with these awesome peeps.  Can't say it enough, love these guys! 

The dinners were awesome, 3 course meals all made up fancy with designs made out of the sauces.

And it's not everyday you come back to your room with this guy in your bed.

Doesn't this look fun??  I'm sure it is...if it's not freezing outside (aka freezing= below 72)  It was in the 60's for us.

So the adventure begins!!  I have to back up and say when we got to LAX they informed us they lost my luggage but not to worry, it would arrive at 6pm.  Ha!  The boat leaves at 6pm.  I knew there had to be something good coming out of this, and I was right!  They told me to go buy whatever I needed for the cruise and they would fully reimburse me.  ChhheeeeeeeeHoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!   Talk about exciting!  I'd always wanted an all-expense paid shopping trip.  Now I had my dream come true, just with a 2 hour time-restraint.  Time to get busy.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Wall Pics

Finally took some new pics of the kids...they're growing up so fast!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year! And then some..

We celebrated the New Year at Uncle Eric's house this year.  Luckily someone still had a stash of sparklers (since they are now banned in Hawaii).  The kids were out til 11pm!!  I went home earlier with the babies.

New Years day was bowling, as tradition.

Can't say enough about my good man.  Our dishwasher broke and he not only installed a new one, but moved it over two feet.  A set of drawers used to be where the dishwasher is now.  It was like Christmas being able to use a dishwasher that is actually Right Next to the sink!!

Rec 1 got two waterslides!  It has been so fun for the kids.  This is Zion
Veteran's Day Hike.  We went back to Judd trail Memorial.  Love that place!  The kids love the natural waterslide.