Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zeya and the Lizard

There are always plenty of lizards in our backyard (which the kids love), but this was the first time one ever jumped on to play piggyback.

Zeya was oblivious to the whole thing, which made it even funnier. We were rolling laughing, and poor Zeya had no idea why everyone kept laughing and looking at his back. He just kept turning around in circles wondering what was going on.
Then he went back to playing, not even noticing the lizard climbing up his back.
How could you not feel that??!
Still doing his thing, just watering the garden. The lizard was probably on him for 5 minutes or so, we could not believe it.
Doesn't that just make your skin crawl?
Uneventful for Zeya, a good laugh for the rest of us. He continued his day happily playing with water. I love how water can easily entertain for hours :)
Anjuli posing for the camera. "Take a picture of me!!"
Thanks Zeya for being the lizard's best friend!!

Passport Pics

We've been taking lots of pictures to pick some for the kids passports. The kids were being so funny, they love getting their pictures taken :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Super Surprise Package

We got a big surprise package in the mail yesterday from Aunty Becca. She sent it for Zion's birthday, and then added a "few" more things so the other kids would have new toys, also. Check out this loot! We got: 3 packs of mini M&M's, 3 new books, 3 puzzles, 3 easter straws, sidewalk chalk, princess lipstick, a red skirt for Anjuli, pirate pajamas and a train for Zion. The kids were in heaven, it was like Christmas all over again.
This is Anjuli saying, "Mommy please let me eat the m&m's, I'm not sick anymore I promise." She threw up several times the night before...
I gave in. For FHE dessert the kids ate their m&m's,
which they LOVED.

Zion couldn't wait to put on his pirate pajamas.
He was so funny! He just kept posing and saying, "Argh" and showing us his sword.

What a cute pirate he makes!
Thanks so much Aunty Becca! You made my kids day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Zion!

Zion turned 3 on St. Patrick's Day. He was so excited for his birthday to come months before, so I was relieved when we finally made it to his big day. All the kids loved these streamers hanging above the stairs. They kept going through them over and over again.
We always have some green St. Patty's decorations for his birthday. These glasses were a hit.
Present time! Zion loved his blue flashlight that I bought for $1 at Walmart, batteries included. He had a great time playing with it all day looking under all sorts of things. And big surprise, the batteries were dead by the end of the day!
Buzz Lightyear! Zion is Really into Buzz right now. So I found him this puzzle and a few other Buzz things. He even got a birthday card from Aunty Cindy with Buzz stickers on it that he was completely ecstatic about! Thanks Cinds!
Other favorite gifts were: a box of fruit snacks, a box of Capri Suns, and a few small trucks and cars we picked up at a garage sale. I think the food was his favorite though :)
Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese.
Zion loved every minute.
Chuck E even came to wish Zion a happy birthday!
Afterwards we went home and sang to Zion. We ate cupcakes with little Buzz toothpicks sticking out. Zion loved having the day be all about him.
I can't believe my little boy is 3 already! I feel like my kids are soo old! haha...

Things I love about Zion:

I love his laugh, it's so adorable and very contagious.

I love how he loves "Big Jet" (from little einsteins) and is always "catching" him.

I love that he can sleep anywhere. He fell asleep on my knee just today.

I love it when he says, "a-course!!" to any question I ask him.

I love his giddy giddy (cowlick) in his hair

I love watching him and Anjuli play together.

I love his hugs, he is such a cuddler.

We sure love you ZyZy! You bring lots of joy to our family :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Little Garden

We have finally planted a little garden! It has been so much fun to watch things grow. The kids especially love joining in the gardening. Here is Zion showing his squash.
We only have about 4 feet by 2 feet of room, so I had to choose carefully what to plant. I decided to do all peas since I LOVE peas! I have lots of good memories of me and my mom planting and eating peas in the garden.
I had 2 rows of peas already growing that you can kinda see, and then we just added a third row in the middle. The more the better, right? Zion and Anjuli had a great time watering the peas using their little teapots.
Now every morning the kids run outside to see how the peas are doing. We also have green onions growing great, and have started seeds for tomatoes, lettuce, and zucchini. The jalapeno peppers and banana peppers didn't exactly take off.

Here's the rest of our "garden." Red ginger, a papaya tree, some impatients, and a few more Hawaiian trees I don't know the names of.
More watering fun. The kids love watering, so Zui turned on the water just a bit and the kids went to town going back and forth to water the plants.

Does Zeya look excited or what?!

We've also planted two plumeria trees that a friend gave us. So fun! We have a yellow one and a pink one. The yellow just started blossoming last week and every time I see them it makes me smile. Plus they smell so good.
Gardening is fun. I love it when things grow :)