Friday, December 26, 2008

Linda's Legacy

Linda Chiang Ling-Chuan Kim
January 28, 1948 - December 26, 2008
Today my dear mother-in-law passed away due to an unexpected brain aneurysm. It is still so hard to believe. Just Monday I saw her at her house and talked to her a few minutes. Tuesday she called me and asked if I needed anything from the comissary. Then, Tuesday night she went to the hospital for a severe headache. While there she collapsed and was immediately put on life support.
All day Wednesday and Thursday we were at the hospital, hoping, praying for a miracle. Then, it became apparent she was not going to make it. Christmas Day we sang her a few hymns and ended with "God Be With You til We Meet Again" and finally "Aloha Oe." We all shed many tears over this wonderful woman that means so much to us. Zui and his siblings slept over night at the hospital, and by morning she was gone. I imagine she is much happier now, embracing her son and feeling the peace that only our Savior brings.
Mom was such a firecracker--here she is on the ATV and loving it :)
My last picture taken with her, just 2 weeks ago.

Anjuli just loves her "Rama"

I wish this video showed a little more of Mom, but you get the idea: Mom adored her grandkids and loved making them laugh. She was the perfect Grandma.

I learned so many things from Mom, here are just a few:
1. Be Grateful
Always say "thank you!" She often told me how important it was to immediately express gratitude for something someone does. Don't wait a week or two to write a thank you card. Call the person up and say thank you right away.

2. Be Generous with your time and Compassion
Mom was always so generous. If mom heard we were sick, she would call me up and ask to babysit the kids, as well as send over some soup and fruit. She always made sure our fridge was stocked, giving us plenty of fruits and vegetables every few days.

3. Serve Willingly
Mom was constantly serving family and friends. When somebody cooks a meal, you start helping to clean right away. Don't wait until someone says they need your help, just start doing something!

4. Work Hard
Mom was one of those amazing woman who did everything and anything, all at once. A few of her daily tasks included running 5 miles a day(at 4am, no less), landscaping her garden, teaching piano to 50+ students, flower arranging, cooking for the masses, and excelling in her church callings.

5. Smile
Mom has one of those smiles that brightens up your day. Maybe it's the Chinese eyes, I don't know :) but when she smiles her whole face just shines. She was always so happy and cheerful.

Life is so fragile, please treasure every moment with those you love. We will surely miss you, Mom!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas

Christmas morning came bright and early. Aside from all the heartache due to Linda being in the hospital, we still managed to have a good Christmas. The kids loved it. Anjuli had a great time opening presents.
This Hot Potato we got from my sister Cindy--it was a real winner :)And Zion, well, he unwrapped with Daddy's help...
but mostly liked to eat the paper.
And of course we followed the Strings tradition:
The string leads from your stocking to your best present. My string led to underneath the printer.Zui gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure! (he's definitely not in the doghouse!)
He also gave me two necklaces and a pair of earrings, a pair of running shoes, and a picture frame.

Zui's string led to the closet.

He got a curl bar for his weight set!
Zui also got some weight lifting gloves, a new watch, and a pair of soccer cleats. I sure love my children. Christmas is so much funner with them :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pool Time

Just some pics of the kids at the pool. They have such a great time there.
Anjuli just adores her little brother :)

What a hunk! Definitely a heart breaker... :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the Season...

...for homemade cinnamon rolls!!

I think I am finally done now... all together I made 8 batches of dough--about 40 plates of cinnamon rolls. I love carrying on my Grandma Sibyl's tradition :)

Bubble Bath Time

The kids loved getting a bubble bath from Daddy--especially with the bubble hats, Daddy included :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Mrs. Potato Head

This is how I found Anjuli after bath a few nights ago...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ATV's and a Big Fat Pig

Friday was the Beneficial Financial Group Christmas party, which was held at Kualoa Ranch this year. We all got to ride ATV's and do a scenic tour. It was really cool, we got to see where parts of "Lost," "50 First Dates" "Pearl Harbor" and "Jurassic Park" were filmed right behind the ranch. And this big fat pig was enjoying everyone's leftovers after lunch.
That's the kind of pig I think of in an imu getting roasted for kalua pork :)


you can be a big pig too--oie!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anjuli's Walk

Anjuli told me yesterday she wanted to go for a walk. But before we left she said "hat," "shoes" and pointed to my purse. That's right, she wanted to go in style.
She was really being a ham that day. I love it when she smiles for me.
"Who me?"

"Yes I know I'm cute!"

Daddy and Anjuli went out for a stroll in the rain--downpour. Zui sang "singin in the rain" the whole time, it was so cute.

Friday, December 12, 2008

HappyDay, Anjuli!

We've been working with Anjuli on "Happy Birthday" which she quickly shortened to "Happyday!" She also says "I two!"Anjuli turned 2 today! So as tradition calls, she got to do whatever she wanted. It was fun to spoil her :) For starters, she ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch right out of the box. During the day she got the go-ahead to watch all the movies she wanted: Blues Clues and Little Einstein all day.

At night we had a birthday party with our friend Britni and her 2 year old, Aiden. Anjuli loved blowing out the candle, which we did about 10 times cause she really got a kick out of it.
Opening the first present--a train pop-up book. Anjuli loves trains right now, as well as "A-pane"s and "helco"s.
Aiden helps open the next one :)

Britni gave Anjuli a baby doll, which was the winner present :) Anjuli just LOVES having the baby. She is constantly putting on the jammies, putting the binky in, then at night she brushes the baby's teeth, sings her a song, says a prayer, and goes nigh nigh with her. She's a natural mom!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Latest Pianist

Zion is the latest pianist in our family. He's reached a new milestone--the "I can reach the piano keys" milestone. I remember when Anjuli got to that age. It was so fun hearing him tink around on the keys. He's growing up too fast!