Friday, April 23, 2010

Liquid Shots

I forgot I had these pics on my phone... Here's Zion at the beach indulging in hot chocolate (yes, it was a little chilly that day). My sister bought it for us when they were here :) Zion LOVES hot chocolate. In fact, every night at bedtime we have to tell him and Anjuli the same story about how they drank so much hot chocolate that they turned into hot chocolate! "More!"
I'm glad he wasn't drinking this in the house :)

Today at the park we stopped for a looong time at these drinking fountains. The kids were soo funny as they tried to take a drink.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cindy's Visit

My sister Cindy and her husband came to visit for a few days! They took us out to dinner (thanks!) and then we stayed up late and talked while we ate icecream.
Can anybody tell we like icecream??Unfortunately I left my camera at home...but we had a great time seeing sea turtles at Lani's beach, then Cindy and Kenny biked the north shore trail while we stayed back at Sharks Cove and played in the water. Zion fell asleep in the car on the way home but woke up after the half hour drive was over. So...he was one cranky little boy. I had to pull another trick out of my bag to help him snap out of it.

Shaving cream. This is actually a self-inflicted disaster. Yes, I bought 2 cans (see, I'm getting smarter--no sharing involved). The idea was to practice letter writing. We did that for about 2 seconds...

Then it turned into "let's see how fast we can waste $3!"
The closest thing to snow in Hawaii.

Little by little my lanai transformed into a slippery skating rink.

Shaving cream slippas

Then Zion started flinging his hands around watching the cream fly off his fingers. Then it really did look like snow falling all over everything.
Did I mention this was a wee bit messy??

But boy did they have fun. We hosed them down and stuck them straight in the bath. p.s. if you try this, beware that the shaving cream leaves an oily white residue behind....guess we'll be scrubbing the lanai for our next activity. My parents always taught me work was a party!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun with Flour

My mom gave me this idea to let the kids play with a cup of flour. Anjuli was in cooking heaven!Here she is with her cookies :) While I was at work that same day, Zui took the kids (yes, all 3 of them) to the pool. When they got back they attacked the flour in their wet are the results:

Again, messy, but fun!

Little bakers in the making :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Morning Workouts and Glittery Glue

Zui has been working out more regularly, lately. The kids always love to run out and see Dad right when they wake up. After a few minutes I went outside to bring them back in, and this is how I found them!

Just look at these tough little cookies!

Today's project: Glitter + Glue = MESSY
(but happy kids :)

Zion just loved squirting out the glue.

And sprinkling the glitter all over the paper (and the floor)

Anjuli could handle this project a little better.

Somehow I forgot that kids need CONSTANT supervision. I swear I only looked down at my magazine for 2 minutes, look up and find my kids eating glittery glue....yuk!

My little Cullen--he sparkles!

After the two boys go down for their naps I let Anjuli stay up another half hour so we can have some one on one time together. Today we worked on writing the letter A. Here she is connecting the dots. I've tried to teach her how to spell her name and she always says, "No Mommy, that's not how you spell my name!"

Zui did this collage project with Anjuli. They looked through a magazine and cut out all the pictures of things she liked and glued them into her book. Favorite things included: icecream, frog, money, brownies, butterfly, flower, cheese, and the little boy with the crooked teeth because she wanted to help him :) Her very favorite of all them was...the money! Ha! It must be because at birthday time she gets $1 from each of her Aunties...she knows it buys donuts, icecream, or french fries :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Petting Zoo(s) !

Our next-door neighbor has his own farm where he raises chickens. For Easter he brought home a bunch of fertilized eggs so his daughter could watch them hatch. We were lucky enough to join in on the fun! The kids were so enthralled, they loved holding the little chicks.
Yesterday I was giving Anjuli a hard-boiled egg to eat and she said, " Mommy, where's the chick??"

Today we went to Naomi's baby luau--it was amazing! In addition to many jumps and kiddie rides they had a full on petting zoo with pony rides, cotton candy, face painting, balloon twisting and shave ice. It was just like a carnival, but better, because it wasn't crowded and everything was FREE!

Anjuli loved her pony ride. Hopefully she doesn't ask for one for Christmas...

Zion just hung on for dear life.

Noelle was a natural. She's been hanging out with us since her mom just had a baby--Yay!!

A little timid at first, the kids quickly warmed up to the pig, sheep, cow, and llamas.

I love this picture of the girls holding hands. I so want Anjuli to have a sister! (no, I'm not pregnant :)

Helicopter ride--Zion screamed the whole time.

Kinda hard to see, but Anjuli's in the red one. We stayed here for at least 20 minutes. With no lines, the kids just kept jumping back in.
Happy 1st Birthday, Naomi! Thanks for the awesome party!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

It was so fun watching the kids hunt for eggs today. We did the Easter egg hunt first since their baskets only contained a big ball (one blue, one pink--but they both fight over the pink one go figure...).

We told them they needed to find their Easter eggs, which actually contained their breakfast--we filled each one with Trix inside. It worked out perfect! The kids loved eating the Trix and then I didn't have to think about breakfast :)

Later Anjuli and I dyed the eggs--INSIDE (big mistake). This picture was taken before Anjuli's sleeve caught on the orange dye... which quickly turned our carpet a beautiful carrot orange. I tried to correct the problem with some bleach, afterall, our carpet is almost white (more like light tan)....and tada! Now we have 4 beautiful white spots in our carpet that look way more noticeable than a little carrot orange! Way to go, Jenn!

Zeya just cruisin'

Anjuli had to have her picture taken with him...

Mo' Can-ee!!!

All the Kim cousins at the family party that evening. It was hard to get a good picture of everyone looking cause they were all staring down at their Easter eggs opening them.

This is breakfast this morning. The kids like to reach reach REACH until they barely touch each others hands...then they pretend like they're eating something they just got from eachother. It's too funny. A few days back Anjuli started holding Zion's hand and says, "Mommy, this is my friend." You wouldn't believe it sometimes the way they fight, but I'm grateful for these special moments :)