Friday, March 26, 2010

Zeya's first bite, and then some...

We gave Zeya his first bite a few days ago...hmm, I don't think he liked it too well.But at least we could get him to smile!
More pics of Anjuli adoring Izaiah. She loves being his little mommy :)
Anjuli and Zion love this firetruck they got from Aunty Lory for ZyZy's bday.

Paint time with the kids! I'm learning that my kids are better when I have more fun things with them planned.
Boy did they have fun! We started off with dipping the truck wheels into paint to see the tracks...

But before you know it they were painting hands in dipping in feet. *Note to self: put the paint up somewhere HIGH when you leave for 3 seconds to check on the baby...

Next on the list was a much needed bath, which turned out to be extended paint time :)

And then we played cleanup!

Zion had a great time slopping around a wet rag and watching the paint disappear with lots of bubbles. Total entertainment time: 1hr, 15 min. Not bad!

Speaking of Zion, he has become quite the skateboarder lately :)

Izaiah turned 6 months on September 27th. We put him in this cute outfit from my cousin Olivia (thanks!).

gotta love the drool...

We just got back from his checkup, he's 16 pounds today.

My three little amigos :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday ZyZy!

Zion turned 2 today!

It's fun having a St. Patty's baby. Lots of green decorations... :)
Zion was in definite need of some boy toys to call his own.
Opening the biggie..

Zion loves this motorized truck.
The Maui cuzzies came over for a while. In the midst was a dance party.

My 3 little St. Patty's...

Happy birthday Zion! I am so in love with this boy. So adorable and such a snuggler. That's my favorite--he loves being held and cuddled. I can't believe he's 2 already!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Latest...

It's hard to stay on top of blogging when your internet is so darn slow... every post takes Forever!!! Anyways... here's the latest:

Anjuli and Izaiah have become the best of friends. I can always count on Anjuli to help entertain Zeya, bring him toys, a diaper, or burp cloth. She loves making him laugh.Zion is my little nakey boy. He is also my escape-artist...

Isn't he the cutest?!

On Sunday we celebrated Zion's bday since Lory's family was in town from Maui. Zion loved blowing out the candles.
After dinner we celebrated a late Chinese New Year complete with Hong Bows (my favorite!)
Everyone had to kneel and bow 3 times and say the magic words to get the special red envelope $.

Even baby Z joined in the fun!Playdate with Anjuli's cousins: Kyra and Kaila.

They liked pretending to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, this is how I found the kids one night...I love how close Anjuli and Zion are. There are a lot of pros and cons in having your kids close together, but this is definitely a plus. Anjuli and Zion are the best of friends.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mommy, wow! I'm a BIG KID now!

Zion entered the world of big boy undies a few days ago. What a surprise! Ever since Anjuli got potty trained Zion's been pretending to go on the potty. Then he started taking off his diaper and going all by himself. While I was teaching piano one afternoon Zui called and said, "Zion's getting potty-trained! Better stop at the store and buy some undies on your way home." I was pretty skeptical myself, but this kid has really got the hang of it!

So THANK YOU, Zion! You've given me the best present ever--one less kid in diapers! CHEEEHOOOOOO!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ice Palace

For our date night last week we went ice skating!
We haven't been ice-skating since before we were married, so it was fun to do something new. Zui can iceskate easily. I just hold onto his hand for dear life.

The only time I iceskated alone was during the women's only skate. I know I look happy, really I'm thinking "please don't fall please don't fall!"

Thanks to Mom and Dad for the extra Anniversary $ :)