Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cadillac Car

My little dancing queen. She gets all her moves from daddy.

Play Dates

Anjuli had her friend Noelle over to play. Here they all are watching Anjuli's favorite princess movie (a 12 min freebie) because she made #2 on the potty--woohoo!
Last Saturday we took the kids and Noelle to the Zoo. Anjuli was being so silly on the drive down. She kept making weird faces and noises and making everyone laugh.

Two cute girls enjoying the view :)

They were sure cute all together. Zion went down this slide about a million times, while Anjuli pushed Noelle around in the stroller.
Zion doesn't know what to think about petting a goat...just a little bigger than a dog.

Anjuli and Aiden have a great time together. Here they are cleaning all the chalk off the lanai.
They made a great team! Aiden would spray with water first, then Anjuli would wipe away the chalk with a baby wipe. And no, this is not forced labor, they actually came up with this one all on their own :)

I had to take a picture of this one: Zion ate almost this entire bag of Furikake Chex. He inhaled it! This kid definitely is local--not like his mama, that's for sure.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sea Life Park

Friday we went to Sea Life Park with our playgroup Pulama I Na Keiki. We had a great time!
The shows, of course, were the highlight. It is so amazing what they can get the dolphins to do!

The sea lion show was pretty cute, too. Here the trainer is doing a duet ballet.
Zui is so great with the kids. Zion is finally saying "Dada" (but not Mama)
The kids favorite part was the playground! go figure, right?!

My mini Michael Jordan :)
Anjuli still loves to swing on everything.
I tried so hard to get them looking at the same time...never happened.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Latest

Here's the latest with our kids: Anjuli found my stethoscope and started listening to everyone's heartbeat. When she checked my heartbeat she lifted up my shirt, put it on and said, "Oh, beautiful." I never knew I had a beautiful heartbeat!
Anjuli and Zion love playing in this baby swing. They are always sitting on top of eachother in it :)

Happy 4th of July!
Anjuli got into my mascara, can you tell ?!

I snapped this shot while the two kids were watching a movie. I love Zion's shirt "born to break hearts."

I found Anjuli "taking a nap" outside here on the picnic table...
Anjuli got a doll house from a friend which she absolutely loves! Zion thinks it is great fun, too :)
Here's Anjuli helping Daddy make pizza. She discovered she really likes flour!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Coming Home

It was so great to see the kids after being gone 2 weeks and 1 day. Anjuli was the cutest, she was soo excited to see me! She was hyper the rest of the day and wouldn't stop touching me.
Zion was a bit...confused. After 2 weeks of having a new mommy, he still preferred my sister over me. In fact, he wouldn't come to me for the first day--he cried when I picked him up and reached for Corina. I have to admit it was a little heartbreaking at first, but I really am glad that Zion was able to bond to someone new so quickly and get the kind of love he needed. Thanks a million, Corina!
Here's what we missed while we were gone:
My sister's husband accidentally dressed Zion in Anjuli's clothes one night :) Scary, he does make a pretty girl!
Look, I'm walking!
What a cutie

Corina said Zion loved playing with this balloon that would float above the air vent.
Anjuli and Evie LOVED being sisters :)
Hot Tub bubble bath!
Two peas in a pod :)
What cute elephants!
Evie makes a good Mommy :)
Corina kept sending me pictures every few days to keep me posted on how much fun the kids were having. It was so reassuring seeing my kids all happy. I can't thank you enough, Corina!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We had about 2 days to spend in Rome. Each day was filled to the brim with sights to see.
First things first: Gelato!
The Trevi Fountain. Throwing a coin over our shoulders for good luck.
Happy Father's Day! Here's to 4 awesome Dad's :) Darrell, Zui, Dad, and Alma.
Here's Zui's special Father's Day dinner. It really is what he wanted because it only cost 3 euro for the 2 of us! Zui is all about saving money :)
The Dennis Kim fam at the Colliseum.
The Arch of Constantine.
Enjoying an Italian buffet (for only 9 euro!) thanks to a tip from our dear friend Rick Steves :)
The Vatican Museum. Zui took about a zillion pictures (and I thought I was camera happy!) so to spare you the boredom I'll only the post the most important one...
Here it is: the Sistine Chapel.
The Swiss Guard. Don't you feel sorry for these men?
St. Peter's Basilica.
Back Home! Here we are in Oregon after taking the Max to the stop nearest my sister's house. Zui thought it was so funny we were still dealing with "train" travel. We were soo glad to be home :) Thank you Mom and Dad Kim for an amazing family reunion!