Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey Fellow readers, just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be making this blog private by next week. I never wanted to because I think it's easier to stay in touch when it's open to all, but I have to protect myself and my family. Recently I received a really crude comment on a picture that showed one of my boys nakey buns...that did it. So if you care to follow what's going on with my fam send me your email address to kim dot jennifer at hotmail dot com. Aloha.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy 11 Months!

Happy 11 months, Jazzy girl!

Still crawling and cruising, boy is she fast. Just starting to stand alone a little bit.

This month brought 2 new teeth on top! She was our Easter Bunny ;)The kids love helping her walk. She is completely smothered with love and attention from her siblings.

And she loves the camera...*note* don't ever let your child play with your camera...kids broke the last 2, not going to let it happen again!

Friday, April 13, 2012


At Waikiki for some beach fun ;) The kids had so much fun chasing the waves. I'm so glad since we forgot the sand toys. It makes me so happy when my kids are happy.

Afterwards we went to the Waikiki Aquarium. It was free because of Earth day, which meant it was swarming with people! We only lost our kids a total of two times! Zion and Zeya each once. We had fun other than that ;)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Kids sure loved having Easter again. But actually we've been doing Easter for the last 3 weeks. I brought down their eggs and baskets from the attic, then everyday they would hide them and find them all over again. In fact, I'm still finding eggs! We waited until after early morning church to do the baskets.
The kids each got a velcro throw/catch game and some candies.The Easter Egg hunt was the day before at the church.

Anjuli loves her 3 year old friend, Sophie.
My 2 Easter Gems. I took about a million pictures, most turned out like this:

But I got a few good ones.

Happy Easter!