Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here's a little bit of what Anjuli has been up to. She loves getting her picture taken!
Loves playing dress-up.
And loves preschool. This is the last day celebration.
They all got mini diplomas, pretty cute :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We got back from Taiwan just a few days before Father's Day. I remember my mom asking me if Jasmine was gaining weight, so I took these pictures of her to show off her belly rolls.
My personal favorite...gotta love the hair. It seriously sticks straight up 2 inches or so.
Zui got a big happy family for Father's Day :) Can you believe this young handsome dad is father to Four?!!

We sure love ya, Zui!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going HOME!

After two amazing weeks, we were finally heading home.

We found this awesome play area at the Taipei airport. It was great to be able to entertain the kids for an hour while we waited to board.

Anjuli showing off the cool squatters. When push comes to shove, you actually have to use these things!
I thought this sign was pretty humorous.

Yes, this is Anjuli tying her feet together. This girl has a serious fetish with ropes and tying things up.
Just about to board, hallelujah!

The flight to Japan, about 3 hours, the kids just played. But once we got on the plane from Japan to Hawaii they knocked out so fast. Thank heaven!

And after 12 blog posts, searching through 600 pictures, and countless hours at the computer, I am finally done blogging about our adventures in Taiwan! Woohoo!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to Taipei

Heading back to Taipei--our "circle island tour" is complete!
We went to a big museum that luckily had a kids hands-on section.

They all loved this huge magnetic puzzle.
And everybody LOVED our kids. I asked Dad to hold the baby so I could go to the bathroom, and come back to find a huge swarm of people oohing and ahing over the baby. I have to say this happened a LOT while we were in Taiwan. They were all amazed we had four kids: "seh ga?" (four?) they would ask. Yes, they're ALL mine!

After our final performance. I don't know these people but they wanted a picture with us--a very common occurrence. After the performance we got to meet Linda's brother, the one in white.

Next we headed to Taipei 101--the largest building in the world! It has 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. It also has the fastest ascending elevator, at a rate of 55 feet per second.

Anjuli loves her cousins: Gideon, Teancum and Shayde.

The view of Taipei from the top.
They handed out these information "phones" that talks about the history of the building. Everyone loved pretending they were cell phones.
Did I tell you yet my kids were always tired? :) They could seriously sleep anywhere!

This day was Jasmine's 1 month birthday! She came to Taiwan when she was just two weeks old, so she has officially lived half her life outside of the U.S.! Talk about dual citizenship :)
Another picture I caught of a crowd swarming my kids with attention, at Taipei 101.

For dinner that night Dad treated the entire gang to an all you can eat- Korean BBQ restaurant. (thanks Dad!)
I think they lost money on this crowd :)

This is Zui's favorite kind of restaurant, where you cook the meat yourself and can eat all you want.

My kids actually ate really well here, minus the fact that there were no utensils. Anjuli got creative with how to use her chopsticks.
Finally time to say some goodbyes. This is Phil, our tour guide. He was with us for the entire 2 weeks.
Our bus driver. I don't know his name, but Zion sure talked his ear off everytime he would get on and off the bus. The bus driver would just nod his head, smile, and hold out his hand for a high five.
Late at night, trying to pack up our stuff (for the 7th time in 2 weeks!), but so happy to be knowing we were finally going home the next day. The kids watched cartoons in Chinese while we cleaned.
So glad I went on this trip, but I admit I was anxious to be back home.