Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ezekiel's 1st Birthday!

My little boy has turned one!! Ezekiel has been such a fun, happy kid.  His words now are: hi, bye, mama, and dad.  He's been walking since 10 months so by now he is a fast runner!  He loves to play chase with his siblings.  He pretends to be monster and chases the other kids all throughout the house.  He also loves to pull anything living out of my garden *sigh*.  Say goodbye to yummy cilantro and fresh tomatoes!

Ezekiel spends most every waking minute getting into trouble and having fun.  He LOVES tap dancing on the kitchen table.  We call it that because it seriously looks like tap dancing.  He gets up on top and starts dancing back and forth just like a pro.  He has even been known to throw dinner bowls and break glass cups..imagine that!

Ezekiel pretty much only eats fruit... he loves blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and pears.  I have a really hard time getting him to each much of anything else.  I love how he eats his raspberries...

just perfect for little fingers!

Ezekiel was really excited about playing with the tissue paper from his bday present from Aunty Lory...

The rest of the kids love playing with his new remote-control plane!  Haha, I'm sure he will too if he ever gets a turn :)

 We had a little family party on his actual bday.  Just brownies and icecream.

A few weeks later we had the extended Kim's over for a mini baby luau.  We served a Cafe Rio style meal: sweet pork with cilantro-lime dressing.

A big mahalo to Uncle Delbert for letting us use his Extreme Fun jump.  The kids had endless amounts of fun in there, with a slide and basketball hoop!

What a happy day, happy boy.  He was quite a ham for everyone.

 He really liked this texas sheet cake (thank you Kylee!!)

Totally in love, melts my heart.  Can't imagine my life without him.  Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ward Camp, June 18-21

Ward camp was crazy fun during the days, and horrific at night (for me at least!) Man my babies just don't sleep well camping!!  Anyways, the ward did an awesome job of planning out super fun activities for the kids during the days.  Camp was at Bellows, so we were just a skip away from the beach.  So fun to just wake up and go beach.
The kids loved stacking these giant jenga blocks

Jasmine spent at least an hour taking the stickies off all these letters.

A look at our campsite.  We shared this giant EZ Corner with Lehua and her fam.  It was so nice to be covered because it did rain several times during the nights.

This is the common area and surrounding tents. 

They rented this giant slide for a day that the kids just loved.  Zion was on it non-stop for 4 hours!

Face-painting done by Elodie. 

Jazzy is really into kitties right now.  She says "meow meow" all day long.  So this was the perfect face painting for her :)

Even Zui joined in the fun. 

A look at Zion's super wrinkly hands after spending all day in the water :)

Shave ice provided by Bishop!

The kids got lots of fun beach time in.  My kids came back looking supa-dark.  Me, not so much.  I stayed in the shade with the baby :)

More fun games: giant slip n slide and waterbed.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cute girl Anjuli

Look who got a haircut!! Anjuli has been begging me to cut her hair due to all the tangles...finally I did, about 10 inches. I think she looks super cute!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

 These pics don't really belong but had to throw them in...Jazzy loves pretending she's Spiderman and runs around the house "scaring" everyone else. 
 Happy Father's Day to Zui!!  Can't believe this young handsome man is father of five.  The kids were soo excited for Father's Day to come.  They wrapped up all their little pieces of candy, about 20 or so.
 The kids also bought him a mini air-hockey set!  They love it.  I got Zui a pair of shorts he needed, and shovel (I know, I am too practical..) and a grill set he returned. 

I made him strawberry waffles with fresh whipped cream.  We are all so lucky to have Zui as our dad.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vote Dennis Kim!!

My Father-in-law is running for Senate of the state!  Pretty exciting.  He gathered the family together to take some family pics at Wahiawa Botanical Garden.  You just may see these pictures again on a Christmas card...  Visit to learn more!