Monday, February 1, 2016

CRUISE part 2: The Ugly

This picture pretty much summarizes the next couple days of the cruise.  Notice the seabands?  So as we head onto the boat the first day they hand us a paper that says, sorry but due to bad weather we cancelled your first port at Catalina Island.  Total bummer.  Still I don't think we realized how bad the weather would be and what that would mean for us.  Like, stomach clutching, hoping you can keep your food down, kinda feeling.  Ugh.  We also got pretty good at catching our water glasses as they shimmied from one side of the table to the other.   

This is Zui right before the awesome show.  Just trying to keep it together.  Funny, before the trip I bought Dramamine, non-drowsy dramamine, ginger pills, and seabands.  I kept all my receipts cause I just knew I wouldn't use it, or all of it.  Well we used ALL of it.  We were constantly drugged up on something and popping Ginger pills like candy.  I think my stomach reacted better to the meds than Zui.  He pretty much slept day 2 and 3 of the cruise.  Anything to not feel nauseous.

Still, pretty awesome show, minus the constant swaying..

We tried to get up on the top deck often, it did help.  Then they closed it due to high winds.

Fun times with my bro!  Oh how I've missed swing dancing with him.  We had a short dance session in the cold, sans music.  But it was still fun doing all our old stunts together.

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